• Akosua Acheampong

To 2020 and beyond – New Year Goals and Book Recommendations

I used to be a New Year’s resolution believer up until a few years ago after many failed attempts to make them stick beyond January 13th, I came to realise that a new tactic was needed to focus my mind and formulate plans for upcoming years. We’ve all been guilty of this; we start the New Year with a bang, filled with so much zeal and drive to conquer all our demons and attain the impossible. Full steam ahead. But…then January begins to drag (those 31 days feel like 87) and before you know it, life has poured a cold bucket of water on your burning fire and you are left with sizzling smoke that quickly dissipates.

As frustrating as it can be to see the year progress where it seems like all your many plans have fallen by the wayside and you just can’t muster the determination to get back to them, one thing I’ve learnt from some of life’s greats is, it’s never too late. It is better to have tried and failed than not tried at all. It amazes me when I read about the journeys of successful people that are so mightily admired in today’s world, to discover they had a lot of the same struggles as the next man; failing at a million things but having the “can do” mindset to push on to the next venture. Amazing and encouraging.

So, as we close the chapter on another year and an entire decade….can we pause for a second to appreciate how INSANELY quickly this decade has come and gone? I’m flabbergasted at the thought that the London Olympics was nearly a whopping 8 years ago! That’s my benchmark for memories because I clearly recall the adventurous and “interesting” summer I had that year. But I digress. As the year ends, I have adopted a new approach to those “resolutions” I mentioned and decided I’m not going to set any. I am however, going to start a journey of knowledge building, reshaping my thoughts, habits and character into what will enable to achieve my long term goals. It all almost always comes back to the mind. Our ability to get through situations, our perception, behaviours…it all begins in the mind. In this same vein, I will share my list of must-read books for 2020. They all have great reviews and I’m confident that I will end the year 2020 as a different person mentally if I get through these and indeed practice the recommendations provided. Here’s a brief summary of the areas in my life I’m aiming to make changes/improvements/growths in:

  1. Spiritually – grow deeper in my relation with God and build on my walk as a Christian

  2. Financially – increase savings, financial stability and wisdom concerning managing finances

  3. Mentally – ability to remain focused, apply rationale where required instead of leaning on emotions so much

  4. Character – grow in integrity, honesty, and generally as a kick-ass woman

  5. Relationship – add some extra hot chilly spice in my marriage (wink wink) and become a better wife

  6. Career – get back to business and strive for more at work, be it promotions, more responsibilities to achieve my full potential (have a read on how I plan to adjust to work post maternity leave)

And to help me along the way, here are a few of those recommended books I touched on above:

In true forward-thinkingness, I will write blog reviews of each of these books throughout the course of 2020; you can hold me to that :)

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