• Akosua Acheampong

Bump, bump, bump and away – baby moon

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

From the day I discovered I was “with child” (ps. I find that phrase really hilarious) I was determined that I'd endeavour to go on what they call a “baby moon” come rain or shine. The dictionary definition of a baby moon is “a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born”. RELAXING being the operative word here; I honestly was not too stewed about the romance part (sorry my darling husband) as I had a pretty tiring pregnancy filled with nights of tossing and turning…actually that’s probably an exaggeration, more appropriate to say, filled with nights of attempted tossing and turning. All my mamas will appreciate the difficulty of moving in bed with an enormous baby bump.

So off we went to the Turkish seaside town of Alanya, my husband, my 5 month old bump and I. Funny story here, I with my superhuman brain power, always saw myself as the queen of holiday booking and planning. On this occasion, I happened to book flights for the wrong town. Alanya, Antalya…easy mistake right? I thought so too but it wasn’t very amusing when we got to Antalya airport and discovered we were a 3 hour drive (180 Euros) away from Alanya. Needless to say, our holiday did not get off to the greatest of starts. My bladder certainly did not appreciate the long drive, as it was used to being emptied every 20 minutes. We still soldiered through with great attitudes, even when the apparent 4 star hotel we booked turned out to be worse for wear. We still kept smiling.

On a more positive note, Alanya was a pretty, bustling town, perfect for a relaxing holiday away from the nightclub and bar scene. This was a very PG rated holiday but it was precisely what the doctor ordered. I recall remarking to my husband on one of our many long walks “there are a lot of old people here aren’t there?” This was the type of vibe we were going for so I did not mind at all. This being my second trip to Turkey (my first was a girls’ 18-30 partying holiday to Gumbet) I knew to expect three things for certain:

1. Cheap, delicious food (especially kebabs)

2. Beautiful beaches and sites

3. Fascination over our melanin skin

My expectations were assuredly met. The exchange rate was on our side so we indulged in both amazing street food and top restaurant quality cuisines. Every meal was simply divine, from 2 euro chicken kebab rolls to 20 euro lamb chops served with flavoured rice a tasty side of salad and Turkish bread. We partook in a few day excursions including visiting the old town of Side and the ruins of Aspendos; the latter took it out of me as it required a lot of walking and climbing. My husband almost had a few heart attacks out of fear of me falling and causing serious injury when I climbed the many steps to the top of the Aspendos theatre. Granted it wasn’t the wisest thing to do in my state but how could I resist :)

Overall I had a blast on our baby moon and a well-earned break that I’d recommend to expecting parents. It is like the last hurrah before Storm Baby hits and turns your worlds upside down and the right way up all at the same time. My husband and I had the opportunity to reconnect and bond over the upcoming changes in our lives and reflect on how far we had come. Before I shoot off, here are a couple of must have items when travelling pregnant:

1. Travel socks – for both long haul and short haul flights. The last thing you want it DVT

2. Pregnancare Prenatal vitamins

3. If you are farther than 30 weeks I’d recommend a letter from your GP stating that you are safe to fly. Some airlines have strict policies on letting pregnant women travel beyond a certain point so better to be safe than sorry

4. Names and numbers of the nearest and best hospitals/medical centres – hoping it won’t come to this on a holiday but it doesn’t hurt to be fully prepared

5. A bit extreme but if you can take your maternity notes along with you, why not?

Apart from the above, we can safely travel as normal human beings.

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