• Akosua Acheampong

Biting the bullet – the first step

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This is probably the most difficult introduction I have had to write thus far in my 30 years of life. It sort of reminds me of those networking events or awkward house parties where you feel like you have 3 legs and 4 eyes but still have to put yourself out there and say hi to strangers. I have written and rewritten this a thousand times in my head (don’t ask me why but I’m pretty sure I can blame it on mummy brain) but here goes.

I have found myself entering a new decade of life, wearing multiple hats as a modern woman, the newest and biggest being the hat of a new mum…TADAAA! Yes, I’m what can be described as an excitable, Google obsessed new millennial mummy totally in love and infatuated with all that motherhood brings. This has led me on the path to share my journey, experiences, knowledge, trials and tribulations with you all (you may or may not care), hoping that it can help someone along the way. Let’s face it, there’s no manual to parenthood and definitely no instructions on how to balance the many hats I mentioned earlier. But here is to making mistakes, learning along the way, figuring out the mess and taking it one day at a time, whilst being as fabulous as we can be.

What can you expect from my blogs? I hear you ask….

Quite simply, shear honesty. I am a working mum. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a friend. All the above can be time consuming and demanding; sometimes an escape is needed, whether it is into a good book, a movie, or a down to earth blog that can make us feel somewhat normal. I have discovered the therapeutic effects of writing and pouring my thoughts and ideas on paper, an outlet and opportunity to reach out and connect to others in the same position in life as I am. No one is an island.

Also I have to confess, I am research OBSESSED. In the past year and a half, I have googled more articles than I probably did as part of my MSc International Business dissertation. That should tell you something. As well as providing light interesting reading, I will also aim to share some of the best tips, products and insight I have encountered in my never ending hunt for knowledge.

Here are some of the topics you can expect to find me rambling on about:

1. Pregnancy and preparing for a baby

2. Parenting and its challenges

3. The fine art of balancing a career and parenthood

4. All things food and lifestyle

5. MONEY – finance matters

6. A dibble and dabble of travel

I think that’s enough for now but I hope that you stick around for this ride as it unfolds J ps. I’m also sort of funny so you can expect to be amused.

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